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Washington Group Health Cooperative knows we all live our lives differently. Some go full speed ahead and others take it slow and easy. Finding health care that fits the way you and your family live is something that's important to us everyone. Individual & Family plans that help you do what you want to do. They offer the choices you need to find the plan that's right for you and your family. Save time and compare insurance rates online today!

Balance Plans – If choice is first and foremost to you, the Balance plans are great because you can see any doctor you want for primary, specialty, and alternative care. These affordable plans let you choose between the Alliant Plus in–network and out–of–network options, with different levels of coverage. Structured like traditional copayment plans, you'll pay a fee for your in– and out– of–network office visits. For some benefits (in– and out– of–network), your coinsurance won't apply until after you pay your deductible. The deductible doesn't apply to any preventive care services either in– or out–of–network, or to most in–network office visits.

Welcome Plans – These three plans give you a wide range of medical insurance choices. Your deductible and, in some cases, your coinsurance doesn't kick in until after your fifth outpatient visit. The first five visits are covered with just a copayment or coinsurance, depending on your healthcare plan. They make sure you get the most from your health plan right from the beginning. These plans give you access to the Group Health network of doctors. You can also self-refer to most specialists at Group Health medical centers, which makes getting needed healthcare that much easier.

Washington HealthPays Health Savings Account – This plan qualifies you for a Health Savings Account (HSA). Use it with a separate bank account using tax-deductible contributions that can be used to pay eligible healthcare expenses. You choose your own financial institution, and keep your money where you want it. In order to be eligible you can't be covered under any other plan, be enrolled in Medicare, or be eligible as a dependent on another's tax return. If you meet these conditions and want more choices in managing your health care dollars, this plan can meet those needs.

They have a variety of plans to offer small business, the Group Health plan, the Options plan and the Alliant Plus plan. For large employer groups, they have additional plans: Group Health, Options, and Options Select. Options PPO, Alliant Select an Alliant Plus. Whatever your company's health insurance needs are, Group Health Cooperative gives you plenty of plan choices to consider. You are sure to find the low cost coverage that meets your business needs.

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