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Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Plans in Oregon

Just having Medicare is fine as long as you understand that Medicare will not cover all of your medical bills. If you are comfortable with assuming the cost of medical bills that Medicare doesn’t pay, then just having Medicare would be okay for you. The problem is that there is a lot that Medicare doesn’t pay for. This “a lot” is increasing each year. For example Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for foreign travel. If you travel on a cruise ship that is registered to a foreign country, you are considered to be on foreign travel and not covered by Medicare.
Learn what Medicare covers and doesn’t cover below.

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Medicare Part A Hospital Coverage

What Medicare pays if you are hospitalized.
What part of the bill you still have to pay.

Medicare Part A Skilled Nursing Home Care

How to qualify for coverage?
What Medicare pays and for how long.

Medicare Part B Physician Coverage

Physician Services coverage.
Laboratory Services coverage.
Home Health Care coverage.
Other medical services and supplies coverage.

Medicare Part D

Learn about the new Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. Find out the rules that apply to you. Compare prices and benefits of the plans we offer.

Avoid Costly Traps

Should I take Part B coverage at 65?
What if I am still covered by group insurance?
What can happen after retirement?

Foreign Travel

Foreign travel coverage exceptions.
What other coverage is available?




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