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Privacy Policy

Our goal is to provide a useful resource with freedom from worry about privacy. We are committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal information.
We do not collect any information other than site-use statistics until and unless you contact us with a specific request. We will NOT SELL, TRADE, or GIVE AWAY any information that you provide us except as specifically required in the processing of your insurance application or your request for quotes. We will only share your information with those insurance companies or government agencies necessary to process your request and we will only share with them the information that they actually need to meet your request.
We do not use cookies in this site; information typed in for insurance quote comparisons is not stored for any purpose and is automatically deleted when quote session ends. This form is for your personal use only. The entry of a name is optional. We do not collect and save any visitor information unless you specifically email us. Hard copies of emails are saved in client files if the visitor becomes a client.
Currently, all applications for health insurance must be submitted by mail with an original signature unless noted otherwise, in which case you are directed to that company's website. In view of this, we do not collect any personal health information from this website other than responses to specific requests for clarification of information on a submitted application. We do make applications available for you to download, fill out, and return to us by mail.
We do not attempt to pre-qualify you for health insurance prior to your submission of an application unless you specifically request us to do so. In this way, we minimize the amount of your personal information available electronically.

On request forms for life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care, we do collect a minimum amount of general health data to aid us in obtaining meaningful quotes that approximate, as closely as possible, your expected risk class. We also use this data to help determine whether an individual would likely qualify for coverage rather than pursuing unusable quotes. We may also forward this information to insurance companies and other licensed insurance agents, that may or may not be affiliated with this website, if necessary to provide you with better quotes and or service.

In keeping with our name and our objective of providing a useful resource, we provide several links to related sites including insurance companies, state government agencies, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. When visiting these linked sites, you leave the privacy policy provisions of and enter the privacy policy provisions of the site you are visiting. We assume no responsibility or liability for your privacy once you leave our site.
We are committed to keeping you informed about our policies for collecting, using, sharing, and securing private personal information. You may access a copy of our current policy from this website at any time or call us at 1-888-957-5001.

We collect information regarding how to contact you by e-mail, phone, fax, mail, or a combination of these if you contact us for information or answers to questions. We need to collect your home and work phone numbers, physical address, and mailing address as required by applications you submit to us for processing with a specific insurance company.
We collect health information on applications you submit to us for processing and maintain a copy of that application in our files for reference during and after processing. We may also need to collect additional health information by phone or e-mail for further clarification of an application or if requested by the insurance company.
We may need to collect proof of prior coverage either from you or your current or previous insurance company. For state programs, we may need a copy of your current driver’s license, proof of residency, and requested financial information. For Medicare products, we need a copy of your Medicare card showing eligibility for Part A and Part B Medicare benefits.
If you are listed as an employee on your employer’s group quote request form, we will need to collect information from your employer regarding your work hours, employee status, and eligibility for coverage.
We use this information to process your application or quote request, to keep you informed of the approval status of your application, to advise you of changes in the health insurance industry or with your policy that we think is in your best interest to know about, and to let you know of new related products that may add to your insurance protection.
We share this information only with the insurance companies and government agencies as appropriate to process your application for health insurance. We only share that portion of the information that we may have about you that is necessary or required for them to complete their processing.
We may provide your personal and/or health information to an insurance regulatory agency, to comply with the law, or in response to a valid court order, if we believe in good faith that such information is reasonably required of us.

You may opt-out of receiving all information other than information necessary to process your application, to service your policy, or to alert you to upcoming changes affecting your policy. Such other information might include information about new products available or other products that we provide in addition to your specific health insurance policy.
To opt-out of receiving other information, contact us at or mail your request to, 2000 West Harvard Ave. Suite 100, Roseburg, OR 97471.
We provide security of your information by storing your contact information on a separate database independent of the web server. We add policy information to that separate database in order to facilitate providing follow-up service to you once you become a policyholder. We do not store your health information electronically. We do keep a paper copy of your application and related notes from phone calls in our file. Access to all of your information is restricted to authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis.
You may change information by contacting us at or mail your changes to, 2000 West Harvard Ave. Suite 100, Roseburg, OR 97471. It is in your best interest to keep us up-to-date on your current address and phone number, if you are a policyholder. We may need to contact you for such things as advising you of new prices or for preventing your policy from lapsing because of a lost or not-sent payment.
Questions about this policy may be directed to or mail your questions to, 2000 West Harvard Ave. Suite 100, Roseburg, OR 97471

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