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Cut Your Health Insurance Costs – Compare 2014 Oregon Plans

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Teaming Up to Give You the Best Choices.
John & Ann Gridley

Choosing the best health insurance plan for you, your children, or family has never been easier. Our First Choice Health Insurance team wanted our clients to see firsthand that they were getting the best medical plan to fit their needs, and budget. So in 2002 John set out to design a website that would provide a convenient timesaving benefit comparison of available plans whether you live in Portland, or in a small rural area in Oregon.

One of the largest selections of individual Oregon health insurance plans on a single website. Choose from companies such as PacificSource, Moda, Regence, LifeWise, Kaiser Permamente, Providence, Health Net and Assurant. Call one of our knowledgeable agents for assistance in choosing a health plan, or explore these plans now, get quotes, and apply online.

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Age of Primary Applicant Smoke?
Spouse Age ("0" if no spouse) Smoke?

Enter 65 for Spouse Age for someone who already has valid coverage including Medicare, VA coverage, Employee Only group coverage or other Valid Waiver.

Number of Dependents
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Age 19-20 Age 0-18

Enter Dependents Age 21-25
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Enter First 3 Dependents Age 1-20
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Select your County
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Enter as numbers only. Do not include dollar signs or commas.

Enter Annual Income if You Want to

See if you are Eligible for a Subsidy. If you are eligible for a subsidy, you may purchase insurance through the State Exchange directly or with help from an insurance agent registered and certified with the Exchange.
If you are not eligible for a subsidy, or do not want to provide financial information, you may purchase insurance directly from an insurance agent. It is a very simple application that we would be pleased to assist you with. Our services cost you nothing. No financial information will be required.

Caution: If you underestimate your income, you may incur additional taxes to recover excess subsidy paid the next time you file your income tax return.


Your income and number of family members is used to determine if you qualify for a subsidy or tax credit. Please refer to this chart to determine your Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

If you are below 150% FPL, the word MEDICAID will appear in the Subsidy column since you are close to the 138% FPL limit. Check with the state to see if you qualify for Medicaid and/or other government programs.

If you are between 150% FPL and 300% FPL, the maximum premium you will pay for health insurance is calculated for the whole family first.
 Any of your children 18 and under will then be enrolled in the CHIP program on a mandatory basis at no cost and are not included in calculating the premium for the family.
 The full premium will be calculated for the parent or parents and all children 18 and older. In no case will you be charged for more than three children in the 0 to 20 age range, but will be charged for all children 21 and older. If the full premium is greater than the maximum premium, your subsidy will equal the difference. If not, there will be no subsidy shown.
  Your subsidy is the difference between the maximum premium for your income and family size and the second lowest cost Silver plan in your area.
This amount will be shown in the Subsidy column and is subtracted from the full premium to determine the Exchange premium.

If you are between 300% FPL and 400% FPL, the full family is used in all calculations and children will be included on your policy. The subsidy amount will be shown in the subsidy column and the amount remaining for you to pay is shown in the Exchange Premium column.

If you are at or above 400% FPL, the Subsidy column will be blank or show a zero indicating you do not qualify for a subsidy and can purchase directly from your agent.
Catastrophic plans are only for those under age 30 or certified as exempt from the mandate by an exchange. They are shown as Agent Only since there are no subsidies or other advantages in using the exchange.

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What is Individual Health Insurance Coverage in Oregon?

We offer individual health insurance in Portland, Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg, Eugene, Albany, Corvallis, Salem, Bend, Klamath Falls, Newport, Lincoln City, Coos Bay, North Bend, Pendleton, John Day, The Dalles, Tillamook, Seaside, Ontario and just about another place you live in Oregon.

Individual health insurance Oregon is also referred to as individual health care, personal health insurance, personal medical insurance, private health insurance, comprehensive health coverage, major medical insurance, and family insurance. Family insurance is simply an individual policy with more than one insured member of the family included in the application and coverage.

Individual policies can also be used for small business purposes in cases where the business is a sole proprietor or the company does not otherwise meet Oregon's legal definition of a small business with two or more qualified employees. Individuals are still considered as covered for business expense purposes in their business.

Individual plans are available is several designs and deductibles allowing you to choose options to keep your plan affordable. While not low-cost, the number of choices allows you to select plans to keep your cost low as a trade-off for other benefits. Remember that premiums are driven by the cost of medical care in the geographic area in which you live. Generally if you purchase a policy that costs less in monthly premium, you will usually end up paying a greater share of the medical expenses when you are sick or hurt.

If you do not find the information you need here, please Have Us Help You Decide.

How Do I Apply?

In most cases, applying for health care coverage requires filling out a health questions when applying for coverage. The insurance company uses this to determine whether to approve you for coverage. If you are not approved, you are referred to the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP), the state's high-risk pool. Do not try to hide information about your health condition. Hiding information can result in the insurance company retroactively cancelling your coverage back to its effective date. This will leave you responsible for all of your expenses, less any premiums paid.

Oregon health insurance companies, by law, are required to provide coverage for preventative care, well baby checkups and immunizations. Deductibles start at $500 and go up to $10,000. Your premium is determined by your age (and age of spouse), number of children, and the deductible you choose. Some comprehensive major medical plans offer alternative and chiropractic coverage while others, with higher deductibles, are designed as catastrophic health insurance plans. You choose the health insurance coverage that works best for you and your family.

If you have not previously had coverage, the insurance company may impose a 9–month waiting period before your coverage starts for anything you were treated for, or should have sought treatment for, during the six months immediately prior to the start date of your new policy. If you had prior coverage, you will generally be given equivalent credit towards meeting this 9-month waiting period, provided you did not have a significant break in coverage between the two plans.