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Travel Medical Insurance is designed to cover your medical or health insurance needs while you are traveling or temporarily living outside your home country. It can be used to supplement your current regular health insurance coverage or take its place, if your policy does not cover you outside your home country. One important advantage of foreign travel health insurance is coverage specifically designed to pay for transport back home if you need better medical care.

Trip Cancellation Insurance, designed to recover funds because of unexpected trip cancellations, is available from IMG.

Foreign Travel
International Medical Group

International Medical Group offers quality insurance
products to individuals, families and groups living and
traveling internationally. For more than a decade, we have
delivered superior service and security to thousands of
members in 150 countries.
International Medical Group (IMG)

Some permanent and temporary health insurance plans will cover foreign travel medical needs and others will not. Your first step is to find out what foreign travel health insurance coverage you already have and what expenses it would cover should you need it. A good example of one that does not is Medicare. Medicare does not provide foreign travel coverage, including coverage onboard a cruise ship registered to a foreign country. There are a couple of exceptions for Canada and Mexico if special circumstances prevail.

Call your current insurance company or agent and ask. Ask them what foreign travel coverage you have. Always write down the date, time, name of the person you talked to and their answer.

Travel medical insurance can also provide for special needs should you require medical care while traveling in a foreign country. This usually includes a 24-hour phone number you can call offering multilingual assistance to help you get the right care, international claims administrators to help you in processing claims, and help with other special services that could be required as a direct result of requiring medical care in a foreign country.

Some travel plans also include coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, lost or delayed baggage and flight accidental death or dismemberment.

We offer travel health insurance from three excellent companies, each with several plans to choose from, to give you the opportunity to select the best plan for your specific travel needs.

Seven Corners

Specialty Insurance. Seven Corners provides a comprehensive selection of international medical and travel insurance programs to people throughout the world. Whether you are a foreign national visiting the United States or a U.S. citizen traveling on vacation, Seven Corners has a product for you.

Benefit Management. With our unique ability to manage healthcare benefits, Seven Corners is able to deliver customized management solutions to your organization. We administer health programs for government agencies and institutions as well as international corporations, missionary organizations, student groups, and individuals.

With technological innovation in the world of healthcare, Seven Corners provides valuable solutions to people in the United States and throughout the world
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Wallach & Company specializes in
providing medical insurance and 24 hr &
assistance for individuals traveling or
living outside their home country.

Wallach & Company, Inc.

MultiNational Underwriters

MultiNational Underwriters View our
comprehensive portfolio of international medical insurance
solutions. Travel insurance product information is available
online or in an easy-to-read Adobe Acrobat format.
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