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Health Insurance for Children in Oregon - Where to Start

Health reform has made the job of getting health care insurance for your children even more difficult. Although coverage is guaranteed issue for children under 19, you can only purchase coverage for your children two months of the year: February and August. Regence no longer offers child only policies.

Selecting the right health insurance for your child is an important decision and can be challenging, particularly if you don't know where to start looking. Some policies are designed just for providing health insurance for children and others are generally available policies that can just as easily be purchased for a child as an adult. Available budget is often a deciding factor in benefit selection, particularly if you have more than one child to insure.

Checking all your available options is the first step in the selection process. Under low-income conditions and in certain special circumstances, you might qualify for the Healthy Kid’s Program or CHIP Program (Oregon's Health Insurance for Children State Program). If you have an employer sponsored health plan, it may be less expensive to add your children to that plan than to purchase individual health insurance policies. The same might be true of an individual policy covering all family members.

Travel and vacations are a wonderful way to share family time and get closer to your children. Don't forget that travel insurance is very important for families with children.
Travel Insurance Coverage

If you decide that purchasing an individual policy is the right answer, or your only choice as a result of a child support order from the court, consider purchasing a policy with a higher deductible that includes first-dollar benefits. First-dollar benefits are important in protecting children, while still protecting your pocketbook. One to look for is a physician visit feature where doctor visits are covered with a small copay. A prescription drug or pharmacy benefit, without having to meet the deductible first, is a good addition. Of particular importance with a child would be an accident benefit where the deductible is waived for treatment within the first 90 days of an accidental injury. You have now covered all the basics for the events that are most likely to occur.

To help you get started we have selected some candidate plans that are generally available statewide and offer affordable low-cost options for children.

Pacific Source Insurance Elect Premiere and Elect Preferred plans meet the first-benefit features discussed above. There are no copays for Well Baby visits, Preventative Care Exams or Immunizations. Deductibles start at $500 for the Preferred and $1000 for the Premier and feature a low copay for doctors visits. All PacificSource plans also offer Accident Benefits within the first 90 days of the occurrence.

ODS Health Insurance Plans also offer no copays for Well Baby visits, Preventative Healthcare, Routine Physicals or Immunizations. They offer low copays for doctor visits. Deductibles start at $1000. You can also add dental to your child’s plan, if you wish.

If you are between open enrollment periods for your children, an Short Term Plan can help with coverage until enrollment begins. Short Term Plans are available in six month increments. While they do not cover pre-existing conditions, they can offer peace of mind until you are eligible to apply for an Individual Plan. For more information on short term plans and to get rates/quotes for Oregon, please see our
Short Term Health Insurance Plans page. You may apply online or print out a paper application and fax it to us.

For more information about Pacific Source, ODS or the other to make comparisons with other plans available in Oregon, please see our
Oregon Health Insurance Plans page or Contact Us. We would be glad to help you check prices and find the best coverage for your child or family.

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