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How this site came to be

An individual called about health insurance. After getting an idea about what the individual was looking for, the agent, once again went flying out of her chair, ran to the document cabinets, grabbed a copy of each applicable brochure, flew back to her chair, apologized to the individual for taking so long, and then continued to help the individual.

Finally one day we got smart! Instead of making the individual wait while we ran around to get literature, what if we had EVERYTHING AT OUR FINGERTIPS!?

To solve the problem we built a database so we could see all the plans and prices for an individual or family at a given age and location on a single computer screen. Now we almost never have to get up from our chair if we do not want to, except for coffee breaks.

Then we thought, 'Why not let anyone who wants to do the same thing on his or her own without even having to call us?' We teamed up with a local web site developer in 2002 and developed the website so that anyone in Oregon could see all the health insurance plans and premiums available to them anytime they wanted to.

You now have a choice. You can do everything on your own, including applying online with some of the insurance companies, or you can call us for help and advice. Most people still call us and we go over the choices together with them.

And not to worry, we still find time for coffee breaks.

In 2003 we added Washington and Arizona and have hired more agents to keep up. With five states and the constant changes in the healthcare industry, it has now become a full–time job to keep the website up–to–date. We literally are updating this website almost every single work day to provide you with the most current information available.