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Health Insurance Options to Consider in Washington if COBRA is Too Expensive or Not an Option

COBRA, which continues coverage from your former employer, often is not a good option if you don’t have a job to help pay for it. It is usually expensive, you have only a limited time to sign up for it, and it solves the problem only for a limited time. It assumes that you can afford it and that you will get a new job before the time runs out — certainly not the easiest thing to do. You can find out about your COBRA options from your former employer.

Individual health insurance plans may also be too expensive for your greatly reduced budget. You do have to apply. You must get approval based on your health statement. You may have to wait months for coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Some may advise you to get a high-deductible individual plan to cover any major health expenses. This is a valid strategy, particularly if the plan offers a few up-front doctor visits before you meet the deductible.

Individual health insurance plans can be found HERE.

Short term medical insurance is worth considering as a lower cost option. It is, as its name implies, just a temporary solution. It is usually excludes coverage for anything you have been treated for in the last five years.

Short Term Medical Insurance plans can be found HERE.

Washington Health Program may be the best low cost option.

The Washington State Health Care Authority offers Washington Health Program through Community Health Plan of Washington. If you qualify, you and your family can get comprehensive, high quality care for low premiums and cost sharing. For Community Health Center provider visits and generic prescriptions, your copay is $10. All other participating provider services have a low $500 annual deductible. You can choose a plan with an annual benefit maximum of either $75,000 or $100,000.

You can find more information and enroll in the Washington Health Program HERE.

Basic Health is a subsidized option for those who qualify.

Basic Health offers quality, low-cost health coverage to eligible people who live in Washington State. The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) contracts with Community Health Plan of Washington and other health plans to offer Basic Health and Basic Health Plus coverage.

Applying for Basic Health: Basic Health is not currently processing or screening applications for eligibility. New applicants are placed on a waiting list in the order they come in. (There are some exceptions.) When space becomes available in the future, Basic Health will release names from the list in the order of the date they came in. Basic Health will notify applicants when this happens.

To find out more about eligibility or to get on the waiting list, see the Basic Health web site or call 1-800-660-9840.

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